Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out some answers to commonly asked questions below. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have about working with A and J Commissary.

Kitchen FAQs

  • What do I need to start using the kitchen?

    Clients will need to:

    • Sign a user agreement with A and J Commissary.
    • Provide valid copies of Business License, King County Dept. of Health Food Business Permit and Food Handlers Card
    • Liability Insurance (Minimum $500,000) with A and J Commissary named as co-insured
    • Provide proof of liability insurance with A and J Commissary listed as additional insured

  • Can I use my Food Business permit from another county in Washington?

    No, you must be certified by King County Dept. of Health to use A and J Commissary. We will be happy to complete the necessary paperwork and facilitate your permitting process with King County.

  • What hours will I be working in the kitchen?

    Availability is on a first come first served basis with priority for customers with leases (vs one time hourly rentals). We will discuss your specific needs when we meet and share what options work best.

  • When do I pay for kitchen usage?

    Payment is due prior to your use of the kitchen. If you are renting monthly payment is due on either the 1st or 15th of each month (depending on your date of initial occupancy). In the case of one-time or drop-in use, payment will be required prior to using the kitchen.

  • What if I don't use all of my hours for the month?

    Hours cannot be credited to the following month. We understand that it is hard to estimate how many hours you'll need, but due to the nature of the business, it is extremely important that you try to estimate as accurately as possible, as hours cannot be credited to the following month.

  • Does each person clean up after themselves?

    Yes. While we don't expect you to wash the walls and clean the floor mats, you should leave the kitchen the way you'd like it to look when you come in. That basically means: wash your dishes, wipe down dirty surfaces, clean any appliances you are using, sweep, and mop.